Yet Another Health Food Nut Blog We Don’t Really Need

I’m often overwhelmed by the over zealous, religious nature of adherents to most stricter eating regimens. Much like people who sell Amway or those who do Crossfit or …. well, I could go on. This blog aspires to be the exact opposite of that. Some days I love the way I feel about how I eat. Some days I just want a mother-f*&^%ing pizza or piece of carrot cake. I mean, a real one.  Really, I just wanted a place to put the recipes I find I love to share with my kids and to not lose them.

I’m both blessed and cursed – my health forces me to eat essentially a Paleo diet. Because of that, my weight and overall sense of well-being and physical flexibility and movability is great. So, it’s not all bad that I can’t have gluten or starches or carbs or anything decadently sticky and chewy and …. I still get bacon. I can deal. (most of the time)